Panyee FC

I became aware of this video during an alternative school P.D. day and I thought I would share it here. The video focuses on a football club called Panyee FC who are from a small island in Thailand. Although they were restricted by the geographical space of their surroundings, a small group of youths were able to form a successful football club through determination and creativity.

This video reminds me a lot of teaching in schools which have not received adequate funding in order to meet the demands of the student population. My experience at SEED Alternative school stands out to me when I watch this as many of the students at SEED have big ambitions, however realizing these goals is often difficult due to a lack of resources. 

Despite this, the great thing about that environment is that they are not lacking in community, creativity, and determination. Often with a little thought and enough bodies behind your cause I’ve seen that you can accomplish most goals you set for yourself. Watching the students at SEED have the idea for a hockey game and develop that idea into a full blown game complete with jerseys and ice time was inspirational.  It took a great deal of planning and lobbying but in the end they made it happen for themselves.

I think that this is a positive message that exemplifies some of the best aspects of youth culture in that it shows how we are only really confined by the obstacles that we place in front of ourselves. By making schools community spaces we allow for youths to come together in order to form and build on ideas which can make a lasting impact on their lives and define who they want to be as people. 


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